SM:5 Sites To Remain Open During November's Lockdown

SM:5 Developments would like to confirm that we will be keeping all sites open during November’s national lockdown. This includes sites both in London and in the South of England.

At the start of the first lockdown, announced in March of this year we had taken the difficult decision to initially close our sites to ensure the total safety of our team and protect the NHS. We then reopened our sites in June following updated guidelines from the CLC (Construction Leadership Council). There were nationwide challenges for the industry with sourcing materials … multi-finish plaster and plasterboard being the two most scarcely available items!

As a business we feel much better equipped to protect ourselves during ‘lockdown 2’. Our sites all have strict COVID prevention measures in place and all of our team, sub-contractors and clients are all fully on board with our decision to remain open and have gladly agreed to adhere to the safe working procedures put in place.

It is a difficult time for everybody and we believe that by remaining open we are offering a level or normality, stability and positivity during a challenging time. The safety of those around us is forever our number 1 driver and we will regularly review our operations and stick closely to any updates from the CLC.

If anybody has any questions regarding our operations during lockdown, or feels anxious about work, COVID or anything else then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always keen to listen.

 6th November 2020

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