A Tool That Allows Us To See Unused And Unwanted Construction Materials Available In Our Area

Surplus and unneeded construction materials has long been one of the biggest culprits of excess waste from construction sites.

It is avoidable if better management and planning practices are put in place but more often than not a site will end up with far too many unwanted materials left in the store.

Fortunately, The Supply Chain Sustainability School alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, BAM, Canary Wharf Contractors, Kier, John Sisk & Co and Skanska (not sure why SM5 weren’t given a call though!) has developed a new tool that allows users to map unwanted materials available to them both regionally and nationally.

The material exchange platform (MEP) performs the vital and impressive task of connecting those with excess materials and products to those who can make good use of them. This process could undoubtedly significantly reduce the levels of waste sent to landfill from construction sites.

As numbers of users increase so will its effectiveness. 

 10th January 2022
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