Mental Health First Aid rollout

SM5 to rollout Mental Health First Aid training across the whole team

At SM5 Developments we take our responsibility of supporting our workforce seriously. We are proud to be rolling out Mental Health first aid training across our team including within our team of Directors.

Our aim is eventually have all of our management team trained in mental health first aid so all of our sites have somebody with the necessary training. The role of the Mental Health first aider is to support those on our sites who are experiencing Mental Health issues or distress. This support can vary from having a non-judgemental conversation with a colleague, through to guiding them towards the right support.

The Mental Health First Aider role includes:

  • Being able to recognise the early signs and symptoms of common workplace mental health illnesses
  • Having the necessary skills to have a supportive, non-judgmental conversation with those who need it
  • Possessing the knowledge and confidence to guide colleagues to the appropriate professional support if they require it
  • Promoting greater awareness of Mental Health in the workplace and reducing stigma.


We have a duty of care to make our sites as safe a space as possible and this extends past just physical protection measures. If anybody has any questions about our mental health first aiders or the steps we are taking to help safeguard those who work on our sites then please get in touch.


 9th August 2022
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